Welcome to B Social ✰

This is the hub for all things social!! Let me introduce you to the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ of B Social Management.  I’ll take you through just what I can offer and why you or your business need my services!

What is B Social?

Summed up in one fun little package, it is an Influencer and Social Media Management Agency. B Social offers a range of services including; content creation, social media calendars and content planning, growth plans, blogging, photo editing, account management and of course influencer management!

Who is B Social?

My name is Belinda, I am the owner of B social, you can find me over at @belindalouisee on Instagram! You can also find out more about me on the ‘About’ page.

Why did I start B Social?

I have always loved social media and I was lucky to be working for some very talented and successful people in the social media industry. I was provided with invaluable experience in my time in the role and decided it was time to focus my efforts into a more niche part of the industry, one that I was very passionate about. This resulted in the creation of B Social!

If you are looking for a full run down of my career and industry experience please email bsocialmanagement@outlook.com and it can be provided.

Where can you find me?

B Social is Digital, you can find examples of recent work and stay up to date with new clients over at @bsocialmanagement on Instagram. Be sure to give the page a follow, I am very excited to share B social’s content with you.

For further details on the services offered at B social see the ‘services‘ page.

I look forward to working with you!