Welcome to ‘The Life of B’

Hello! I have well and truly gone and thrown myself in the deep end here, if that is even a thing, throwing yourself in…. anyway, as you would all know this is my first blog post and I am definitely wayyy out of my league here.

I decided to start a blog:
1. Because I am actually obsessed with all things lifestyle: Food, fashion, travel, fitness, and of course just life in general! So I wanted to share experiences from my everyday life with anyone willing to listen and
2. Because who doesn’t want to try their luck at blogging!

I best start with a little introduction about myself. I am a 20 year old girl, lucky enough to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Nutrition minoring in sports and exercise nutrition, journalism, social media (hence the slight interest in blogging). I love the beach, not sure if it’s the water, sand or the sun but all things combined make it literally my favourite place on earth. I eat a solely plant based diet (which I will gladly talk about in a bit more detail later down the track). I at least attempt to keep my fitness up, wont lie though I go through severe phases where I lack motivation followed by a few weeks of a ‘I run the world’ attitude, but then again who doesn’t, its called balance.

I don’t really have a defining fashion style I honestly change my mind about what clothes I like 24/7, but give me either a denim dress, some baggy denim pants, a denim jacket and I’ll be one happy gal, get the hint, I like denim. I am 110% always down for a boogie and meeting new people and what better place to do this then a festival! I will never pass up a festival ticket, well unless I’m broke, which I’m pretty sure is the only reason anyone ever passes up a festival ticket! Festivals just have a vibe that can’t be found anywhere else! Everyone is so friendly, laid back, the music is always to die for and of course you cant skip past the wonderful and whacky fashion that comes along with it!

So that is me in a nut shell and I can’t wait to share the little advice, thoughts and experiences I have about my 20 something years of life! Thank you to the probably not so many people who read my first post. I really hope you throughly enjoyed it! As I am so new to this world, thinking of content to actually write is proving more difficult than I first thought, I want to write what you want to hear so let me know!

B xx

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