Bali Photo Collection

If you haven’t heard Damien and I have been without internet for over a month now and boy did I underestimate how annoying it would be without internet! The point of me expressing my annoyance with our internet situation is not so I can complain to someone other than Damien (even though I’m pretty sure he’s getting sick of my voice haha) but it’s more to tell you about the purpose of this little blog. I was meant to have my final Bali Vlog up on YouTube about 4 weeks ago. But of course, I’m having some major difficultly without much internet! So today I decided maybe it was about time to sort through some of my favourite pictures from our Bali adventure and post a photo collection for everyone to enjoy. Or maybe it’s just a secret excuse for me to post more holiday photos seeing as though its now only appropriate to post one every #throwbackthursday. But anyway here they are, some of my favourite moments, memories and views….


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