Whitsunday Dreaming

Hello my loves!

My last post was over 6 months ago, wowwee, It’s been a while! The fact that my ‘About Page’ needed at least half the dot points updated tells me it’s been way to long. Why have I been away? I know you’ve all been missing me, yes you ten anonymous people I can see who read my page hahaha I know you’ve all been secretly begging for another blog.

But honestly I couldn’t tell you, I’m not sure why I haven’t been active. I started my dream job (more on that soon) and I’ve been working like crazy so I started to tell myself I was too busy – but I know I wasn’t to busy, your never to busy for things you love. Truthfully I kind of fell out of my usual groove and the routine I was so inherently used to and unfortunately along with that, disappeared any urge to write! However, I feel very settled again and I began missing writing so thought it was about time I start it up again, and hopefully this time more consistently, but no promises because you know me…

I decided to start with a travel blog as you know it’s my one true passion 😉 but also because those of you who haven’t been to the Whitsunday’s HAVE TO GO.

Initially I was kind of disappointed to be going to the Whitsundays (I know, who in their right mind would ever be disappointed) but Damien and I had planned a beautiful holiday in Far North Queensland filled with waterfalls, beaches, rainforests, palm tress – the whole shabang. Of course the one thing we didn’t plan on was rain. It was forecast to rain the whole time, so at the last minute we cancelled our Tropical North Queensland holiday and booked a few days at Airlie Beach instead. In hindsight, I’ve never been so glad to cancel a holiday – The Whitsunday’s was magical and an added bonus, we now have an excuse for another holiday up north.

We weren’t wasting anytime, we arrived into Airlie Beach after lunch and found ourselves sipping champagne onboard a beautiful old sail boat for sunset. It was in the brief hours on board the ship that the Whitsunday’s stole my heart entirely, sorry Damien ;). It was truly breath taking, the name of the ship was Providence V and if you find yourself at the Whitsunday’s I highly recommend spending the sunset on board. The photos speak for themselves…



















Damien had been to the Whitsunday’s before (without me, rude…) and he did not shy away from rubbing the crystal clear waters and white sand he’d seen in my face hahah. He was very excited to show me beautiful Whitehaven beach and the amazing islands in between. He had been talking it up since we left and as you can imagine I was like a little kid on Christmas morning (or Damien on Christmas morning tbh). I was so excited. We had tried to book a day tour with both Ocean Rafting (Damien toured with them last time), and Lady Enid Sailing but unfortunately both were booked out. We ended up taking the day tour with Big Fury. You can see below how amazing Whitehaven beach is and I can’t say a bad word about how stunningly beautiful this area of Queensland is, however I can say that unfortunately the tour we went with failed to show us the true beauty that the Whitsunday’s has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, the tour was still great – we just left feeling like we had missed out on a few things.

Problem 1: The tour was rushed. It started at Hill Inlet Lookout, for those who don’t know,  it’s the postcard image of the Whitsunday’s (you can see a pic below). The view is stunning but unfortunately the tour advised us that we had 10 minutes to walk up take a picture and return to the boat. I don’t know about you but I think that view deserves more than 10 minutes. From the look out you could see other tours swimming and snorkelling below in the pristine beaches, our tour was apparently in such a rush that the itinerary did not include venturing to the iconic swirling sands below. I am not sure who was more disappointed at this stage; me because I realised I wouldn’t get to go down there or Damien because he’d been talking it up for days and now realised he wouldn’t be able to show me. Either way disappointing for everyone.

Problem 2: Next stop snorkelling, my disappointment at this point wasn’t by fault of the tour company, but more with people in general. I snorkelled for all of 10 minutes before quickly jumping back in the boat…. why you ask? I was looking at dead coral. It was heart breaking. Such a beautiful area that we take for granted. We had one instruction before jumping in the water, ‘what ever you do don’t stand on the coral.’ In the hour we were there I witnessed at least 10 people standing on the coral. I just cannot understand the complete disregard for our ocean, planet and animals. Unfortunately this part of the tour really had me down in the dumps probably making everything else seem a million times worse. Honestly though, if there is anything you take away from this blog please be to respect our environment!!

Problem 3: I think half the excitement of visiting the Whitsunday’s is the idea of huge stretches of unspoiled and almost deserted beaches. We were under the impression from the tour that our time at the beach would be spent on a beach like this. I don’t no why I was still surprised when we pulled into shore on what must have been the busiest, most developed section of Whitehaven beach, there were at least 300 other people here – again still one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen but disappointing that the tour was not quite as we’d expected. On top of this a few other tour members had not followed simple instructions throughout the day our time on this beautiful beach was cut short as we had to return to the main land.

After returning from the tour I was in no way disappointed at what we had seen, it is one of, if not the most incredible parts of Queensland I have ever visited. I was disappointed though because it felt like we hadn’t seen enough of it. Damien was more upset than I was because he had his last tour to compare to. The way he had talked about his last experience it had set my bar extremely high as well. I want to go back already because I know we didn’t see enough. All in all, I have 2 recommendations for the Whitsunday’s:

  1. Go and see it’s beauty for yourself.
  2. If you only have time for a day tour – choose carefully.

Our final day in the Whitsunday’s we spent around Airlie, I would recommend spending at least one day in Airlie as it is an amazing spot to relax and enjoy palm covered shorelines and naps on the beach! Plenty of pictures below!

As always,

Stay groovy lovers,
B xx



























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