Bexhill Quarry

I originally saw this insanely gorgeous spot a year or so ago on a travel Instagrammer’s page (no surprise). Unfortunately, the location wasn’t tagged (again no surprise) but I HATE this, I’m like isn’t that your one job!! To show us these amazing places so we can actually go there ourselves. Anywayyyyy, most of us could probably have a degree in stalking with the amount of information we can find through the internet these days. So as you do, I stalked the hell out of this place and found it was called Bexhill Quarry.

Over a year later I finally decided it was time to visit this hole in the ground! Portia and I decided on a day trip to Byron a few weekends back and thought an afternoon detour to Bexhill, not too far inland from Byron, would make for a beautiful afternoon swim. Unfortunately, we didn’t realise that just typing ‘Bexhill Quarry’ into our google maps wouldn’t quite get us there.

It is a tricky spot to find, Portia and I drove around the same small area for no joke an hour and a half trying to find the entrance to this place. As it took us so long to find the sun had set by the time we got there. So to prevent that happening to anyone else I’m going to give you the best directions I’m capable of giving. I can’t make any promises considering my sense of direction is totally whack. I get lost in shopping centre carparks weekly trying to remember where I parked my car haha – but I will try and guide you the best I can!

I was lucky enough to travel back to Byron with Damien this long weekend and found the Quarry far quicker and spent a good few hours here with not a soul insight, until about 10am. I suggest going before 10am to avoid any other people, (I don’t hate people, there is just limited seating so even a few others can make it feel crowded very quickly)! I have added in some pictures of what it looks like in the early hours of the morning. It was freeeezinggg cold at this time BUT the water was surprisingly very warm so we still hopped in for a dip.

Keep reading for my attempt at detailed instructions on how to find this beauty and some photos of how stunning the water is!

Stay Groovy!
B xx

How to get to Bexhill Quarry from Byron Bay:

Google Maps will be able to direct you in the general direction of Bexhill just not the quarry specifically.

  1. Head out of Byron Bay in the direction of Bexhill via Bangalow Road (I advise to use google maps here as everyone will be heading from a different starting point).
  2. Once you are on Bangalow Road continue to follow it for around 30 – 40 mins. You will pass Bexhill General store on your left. Google maps will try and get you to turn right here onto Corndale Road. DO NOT turn down here – you get lost for 2 hours haha.
  3. Continue straight along Bangalow road for another 400 – 500m and on the left you will see a school and there is a small road in front of the school (Withers Street). We parked on the side of this road.
  4. To get to the Quarry you simple walk across the Zebra crossing and on the right of the bus stop there is a small gate, it’s open, (but looks overgrown) you the just walk down the track.
  5. It is only about 100m walk down the track BUT if it has been raining like it had for us it is veryyyyy muddy and took us like 15 minutes to figure out a way to get through without walking through ankle deep mud! All part of the fun though!
  6. There are no rubbish bins here so just make sure you take it home with you!!  

My only suggestion is to park in the opening on the right of the bus stop instead of where we parked as there looks to be way more room!

Was a bit Chilly at 7am!

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