Preset FAQ

I understand how confusing presets can be, I mean when did we move away from the word ‘filter’ haha. Anyway, because I know how confusing they can be I have compiled a list of what I assume will be most frequently asked questions and just some general additional info.

What program do I need to use the presets?

My preset’s are Adobe Lightroom presets so you will need either the Lightroom Mobile app, from the app store, OR the ‘Lightroom Classic CC’ Desktop Program. I have both however the mobile App is FREE! The desktop version you pay about $14 a month 😦 .

For the Mobile preset’s you will also need an app called ‘Zip Extractor’ in order to get the presets onto your phone and into the Lightroom mobile app.

Do these presets only work on high quality images?

No! They work all photo’s. Have an iPhone? No problem, they work perfectly. They work even better on high quality images but thats just a bonus! Keep in mind though if you do have an older generation iPhone you may notice the quality of the preset will be less.

How do I receive the presets?

You will receive an email after your purchase with your unique download code for both the Mobile and Desktop presets (You get both in the one purchase.) Please note the file types are different, so you cannot use the desktop presets on the mobile app and vise versa.

How do I install them and begin using them?

For Mobile:
1. Purchase your preset pack
2. Check your email to find your download links.
3. Begin your downloads.
4. Download Zip Extractor.
5. When your downloads are finished (sometimes they move to the “files app” on an iPhone) select Open in… and then select ‘Zip Extractor’
6. Once it opens in ‘Zip Extractor’ press on the small ‘i’ icon and then press Extract.
7. Once the folder has been extracted click on it and the individual presets will appear.
8. you will then have to individually click on the ‘i’ icon on each preset and press open in “Lightroom”
9. Repeat this step until you have completed it on all presets.
10. Next Open Lightroom and “create” an album called “Essential White” or “Warm Maple” (depending on which pack you purchased) this will help keep Lightroom organised and make applying the presets easy.
11. You then need to import the presets into the album using the + icon.
12. Click on preset 1 that you’ve imported and then click the 3 small dots in the top right hand corner. Select ‘create preset’ from the options and Title it with its corresponding name from the preset pack.
13. After typing the title, click the small drop down arrow “user presets” and then click on the album name you created in step 10. Click the tick in the top right hand corner when complete.
14. Repeat step 12 & 13 for each preset.

Lastly import a new unedited photo into your Lightroom Library. Find the ‘presets’ button along the bottom in the tool bar. Select the desired edit!

Those instructions can be confusing, so this is a link to a video tutorial from some influencers if you are having some trouble: tutorial begins at 2mins 40sec.

For Desktop:
Installing the desktop presets is a little more complicated. Instead of writing out instructions (they’d be pages long) I will just provide you with this tutorial. If you have any questions or issues feel free to message/email me. The tutorial references two file formats, my presets are in XMP format.

Are the presets refundable?

No. Unfortunately the presets are non-refundable. This is purely because once you receive the download you will have it forever, there is no way to return it.

Will every preset work on my photos?

This is a tricky one – Yes and No. While not every individual preset from the pack will work perfectly on one particular photo. The 10 presets will work perfectly on 10 different photos. Each preset is specifically designed for different lighting conditions, time of day, colours etc. The presets are designed for photos that are over exposed, under exposed, taken at midday, taken at sunrise or sunset. Meaning that a preset designed to brighten a darker photo may not work perfectly on an already bright photo – it will still serve it’s purpose.

Tips and Tricks to perfect your photos

There are some very easy and simple adjustments you can make to your photos after applying the preset to get the perfect image:

Exposure: Moving the exposure slider up or down slightly will help to get the lighting of the image just right if it seems a little dark or light for your liking.

Skin Tone: If after applying the preset, your skin tone is a little off, all you will need to do it adjust the HSL/COLOUR module. You will more than likely only need to make minor adjustments to the Saturation and Luminance of the colour orange. You may want to move the ‘Orange” Saturation slider down if your skin is appearing to orange.

Temperature: If your image is appearing to yellow you can make adjustments to the temperature slider by moving it slightly closer to the cooler (blue) end. it works both ways, if your image is appearing to blue move it a little to the warmer (yellow) end.

Custom Edits

Don’t forget I do custom edits as well. if you love a particular style of editing but don’t know how to create it. Let me make you a individual, custom preset pack! Email me some examples and I will get back to you with pricing.


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