Preset FAQ

I understand how confusing presets can be, I mean when did we move away from the word ‘filter’ haha. Anyway, because I know how confusing they can be I have compiled a list of what I assume will be most frequently asked questions and just some general additional info. What program do I need to … More Preset FAQ

Bexhill Quarry

I originally saw this insanely gorgeous spot a year or so ago on a travel Instagrammer’s page (no surprise). Unfortunately, the location wasn’t tagged (again no surprise) but I HATE this, I’m like isn’t that your one job!! To show us these amazing places so we can actually go there ourselves. Anywayyyyy, most of us … More Bexhill Quarry

Byron Bay

Welcome to my first travel blog! Now, like you, I’m wishing that this blog was all about how I’d been soaking up the sunshine and swimming in crystal clear water in the Maldives. Unfortunately, I only made it a few hundred kilometres across the boarder into New South Wales, to the not so hidden gem … More Byron Bay