B Social is delighted to offer a variety of Digital and Social Media services to you or your business! Please see a more detailed outline below.

Content Creation:

This can be one of the most difficult jobs when trying to manage your social media account on your own. It is a time-consuming task, you often need props and having the right equipment can often be a very expensive investment.

I offer content creation services that allow you to have professional quality images without lifting a finger. I do a range of content types including beauty, fashion, tech, travel, you name it! I will discuss your business social media goals, your theme, and your branding before coming up with an outline of the content you require. You will receive all images in high resolution and in various formats that allow you to use the content on different social media platforms. The images will also be provided in both an edited and unedited version. B Social covers all content creation types including flat lays, videos, static posts, IGTV and simple graphic design quotes. The content is always fresh, inspired, relevant and creative, grabbing the attention of consumers and buyers.

Influencer Management:

B Social offers Influencer Management services (upon application). B social aims to create unique, on-going and successful paid partnerships between Influencers and like-minded brands. B Social strategically negotiates and manages deals and bookings on behalf of influencers ensuring the best outcome for consistent and paid work. Additionally I will search for new business relationships for clients and endeavour to find new and bigger opportunities for influencers. We do also accept applications for Micro-Influencers (over 10K).  

B Social can also help your business with Influencer marketing!

If you are:   

  1. Thinking about testing the waters of influencer marketing?
  2. You don’t have the time to find the right influencer for your brand? Or
  3. You tried influencer marketing but didn’t get the results you were expecting and need to be matched with the right influencer?

You can browse our talent here, on the Influencers page. Alternatively contact me directly and I will do the searching for you!

Content planning and Calendars, Growth Plans and Account Management

B Social will assist you to create achievable and measurable social media goals. To do this we can:

  1. Plan your content aesthetically, to ensure your business is staying on brand and consistent.
  2. Create a social media content calendar to organise and ensure the correct content is being posted at the right time. It will also help you to stay on track to reach your SM goals.
  3. Create a growth plan specific to your business that will outline various strategies to assist with the continued growth of your account and reach.
  4. Assist with general account management. E.g. posting, engaging, responding to direct messages, statistical analysis and copywriting.   


Blogs, some people say they’ve been on their way out for years, others say it’s on it’s way back in! With the constant algorithm updates from Instagram, people are struggling to break through and are returning to their home turf, their website. Blog writing is another time-consuming task and it can be difficult to come up with appropriate topics for your brand. Let B Social do it for you! I create captivating, well written, and targeted content. I am familiar with SEO techniques and will have your blog at the top in no time.

Photo Editing

I (@belindalouisee) have released a variety of downloadable Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Presets. You can find them here. If your business is looking for a different style, I also do custom made presets. You provide me with examples of your desired style/aesthetic and I will create you a custom set of Lightroom presets.

If you are in need of more than one of B Social’s services, we offer bundles too. For example, if you need a weekly blog but also require social media content planning and account management, we can bundle these services together at a discount price. Contact us for further details.